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Signs are vital in public spaces to give directions and information about points of interest. They are made in a variety of different formats and materials according to the environment and requirement.

There are metal, wooden and recycled plastic signs available. All these materials are great for different types of signage and are not only sturdy but can provide different looks for different types of area.

Public space signage can be made to look both traditional and contemporary, according to the requirement and location. For instance in a historic town or city centre it may be more suitable to have signs that look more traditional.

public space sign

Traditional signage can blend in with the environment and is often made to look antique, for instance metal ‘fingerpost’ signs are often Victorian in style. Notice board signs that are provide a focal point in a village are also often designed in a traditional style.

Alternatively, public space signs can be very contemporary. Simple and sleek designs in timber, metal or plastic offer a focal point that can give information or simply add to the ambience of a location.

A modern style is great for information displays, because you can include contemporary drawings and maps that look really stunning. Simple signs such as 'ladder posts' also look great in a contemporary style, because they can be made from nice wood and look good in a rural environment.

Fitzpatrick Woolmer are expert designers and producers of public space signs. With over a decade of experience in signage manufacture, they offer custom built structures that are made to last.

Fitzpatrick Woolmer’s range of functional yet attractive signage solutions is unbeatable. To find out more visit their website at

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