Types of Park Signs


Different types of park signage serve different purposes. Park maps, information or bulletin boards, educational signs, and directional signs just some examples of signage used in public park areas.

Maps placed at park entries but within the park's boundaries, as well as along set distances of pathways, help to increase and enhance the knowledge of park users, as well as provoking interest and curiosity about the park. As well as guiding and directing visitors through the park, a map can highlight interesting places to visit as well.

Useful park maps will include the entire park, marking boundaries and street connections, trails and facilities. The locations where the maps are posted should be clearly marked as "You Are Here." It is also useful to add enlarged map sections of particular areas of posting with interesting facilities or history nearby. Creative mapping solutions are available from many leading designers.

Many park visitors are familiar with sections of the park that they visit frequently but may not be aware of the breadth of the entire park or the facilities it has to offer. Enclosed bulletin boards or information signs are excellent outreach tools to better inform visitors about everything the park has to offer. Additionally, visitors are often unaware of park events or activities, or even renovation and management plans, in which case an outdoor noticeboard can be a very valuable communication tool.

Education signs might point out specific trees, paths, flowers or other elements of the natural environment in order to engage and interest people in the park and its history. Interpretation displays can combine these types of signs with mapping solutions for a comprehensive presentation that fits with the overall theme and chosen public design of the park.

Finally, directional signs are essential, especially in large parks. As well as directing visitors to areas of interest, waymarking posts and similar signage also help give people a sense of place within the area, and makes them feel secure during their visit.

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