Butterflies as a Wedding Theme


Themed wedding ceremonies and wedding receptions are fast gaining popularity amongst a wide variety of couples. This is actually a variation on more traditional weddings which were largely dictated by custom or family history, and now you can come up with more or less any theme idea you can imagine. Modern wedding themes can be centred on anything you like; fairytales, garden flowers, Hawaiian beaches, Valentines and cupids or anything else! If you are looking for a theme which is elegant and romantic as well as whimsical, consider the increasingly popular butterfly wedding theme.

It may seem strange to have an insect as a wedding theme – you probably wouldn’t be keen on the idea of theming your wedding after a spider or a bluebottle, after all – but butterflies are beautiful creatures. Their wings are often brightly coloured and beautifully patterned, and they flutter through the air softly and gracefully, so really they make a wonderful symbol for a happy wedding day after all! They can even be a metaphor for the bride and groom emerging from their “cocoon” of engagement as beautiful butterflies at the wedding ceremony, which can be a very romantic image indeed.

So grab a cup of tea and a comfy chair and visualise this theme: a beautiful spring garden filled with romantic music on your sunshine-filled wedding day. The venue is full of colourful butterfly motifs for the wedding theme on everything that is visible – wedding flowers, ring pillows, candles, tablecloths, napkins and everything else that will be there. You can have butterflies on your bridal accessories as well as those of your bridesmaids, and keep the same signature colours for your bridal dress and bridesmaid dresses too. You could even be daring and look at a temporary (or even permanent!) butterfly tattoo in henna or ink as well.

A butterfly garden can make a lovely wedding venue and will keep the theme of the wedding running through everything on the big day, including your photographs and wedding favours. You could use butterfly shaped chocolates or biscuits, or have butterfly designs stencilled onto wrappers and boxes for other gifts and accessories. Don’t forget your wedding stationary, as you’ll definitely want to have a butterfly motif on the invitations too, and even if you don’t want (or can’t find) a butterfly shaped wedding cake, you can get your cake decorated with icing stencils or even little sugar sculpted butterflies to match it to your theme.

As you can see, a butterfly wedding theme is incredibly flexible with plenty of scope for your own ideas on designs, layouts, colours, flowers and all the little finishing touches like candlesticks, placeholder pins and even little porcelain or crystal ornaments as mementos for your guests. You can even get lovely butterfly designs on your wedding balloons! So let your imagination fly free just like a butterfly and you’ll soon have a beautifully planned wedding theme that will make your special day truly memorable and magical.

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