UK PPC management company strengthens its PPC team


Cornish Webservices have increased their Internet Marketing team, welcoming experienced PPC manager Laurian to the team.

Cornish WebServices were the first UK company to only run client campaigns with qualified Google AdWords Professionals and have been an AdWords qualified company for several years.

We have a diverse range of clients in both UK markets and globally. About half our work is currently in English for the UK market, but the other half is in a range of different languages worldwide. For example we manage an AdWords campaign in English for a Dutch company (targetting the UK market), and also an AdWords campaign in Dutch for a UK based European company.

Our staff have managed campaigns in English, French, Spanish, Italian and Dutch. If you require multinational PPC management, contact us. We also offer a few other languages.

Paid search is an incresaingly important part of an organisations marketing stategy, and we can offer paid search management in other mediums such as the mobile network.

In addition to paid search, natural search engine optimisation is also very effective, and Laurian\'s former experience in SEO work will be put to good use as Cornish Webservices also provide search engine optimisation.

By offering both PPC and SEO we can supply a very comprehensive internet marketing service.

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