Round up on PPC in 2012

At the end of December it is time for a review of PPC in 2012

2012 was a special year for PPC – it was the hundredth anniversary of the company (Paramount Pictures Corporation), and PPC are one of the oldest motion picture companies in the US.

But most of our readers are more interested in computing (peer to peer computing) or marketing (pay per click advertising). So the of this article will look at paid search marketing developments in 2012.

PPC summary of 2012

2012 has seen some very major changes within the paid search marketplace. Whilst all the hype in Internet Marketing has revolved around social, the really big changes have happened in paid search and gone largely unnoticed as this is now seen as less cool.

So what has happened? In no particular order:

AdWords - Paid inclusion in shopping results – a pretty big change for ecommerce PPC. Product feed changes as well.

Keeping with theme of shopping, AdWords product listing ads (or PLAs as they are affectionately known) are another important development in the ecommerce arena.

Linkedin PPC has come of age and is really helpful in many markets with well targeted advertising

AdWords - Retargeting of ads – when done right this can be effective, but can have some unexpected knock on effects.

Facebook PPC – a very different best to Linkedin PPC, and tends to work best with a different set of markets.

Baidu – linking paid search ad revenue tie up with Apple for searches on an iPhone

Including YouTube with Adwords – very helpful in many market sectors

Bing ads  - more features introduced on this platform.

Yandex – App version of paid advertising for mobiles - Yandex.Direct

What is noticeable about 2012 PPC changes?

Adwords is still important, but note the rise of alternatives. Yahoo and Bing are still small (from UK perspective) but there are other major players in social PPC and in other languages or countries.


Published on 29/12/2012

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