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Did you know that when you create Google Ads in your PPC campaign, they are automatically displayed on partner sites such as Ebay, Amazon and AOL?

This can be a good or bad thing because if the ads are not converting well on partner sites then this could affect your cost per action (CPA). You have the option to exclude your ads from partner sites if this is the case.

There are some useful Google AdWords tools that can help you with your PPC. The Google Dimensions Tab allows you to view your data within a time period of your choice for an adgroup, campaign or the entire account.

This is useful tool to drill down into a campaign, showing you how a campaign converts by the hour of the day and day of the week.  You can also quickly see performance by destination url.  This allows you to quickly determine which landing page converts the best.

The Search Funnel Report is also useful. This helps you to filter, from peoples multiple searches, what keywords helped funnel their decision making process. When someone is searching, once they finally do convert, the last keyword they searched for gets the credit.

The Search Funnel Report tool helps you to see what other ad text they used in their search. This can be useful to check certain keywords, that may not appear to be performing well, but are actually contributing to a conversion by backing up other keywords.

Cornish WebServices can offer PPC management that makes the most of these Google AdWords tools in order to optimise your account. Look out for more PPC tips on our website and also on our blog.

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