Google Tightens PPC Ad Sitelink Rules

Sitelinks is a clever AdWords feature that uses ad extensions to display links below PPC ads. This is a great tool for pointing internet users to specific pages on a website.

The idea is that because these links are more targeted than the main URL they can help to easily increase click through rates and conversions on websites. People are directed towards more targeted, varied pages.

However some PPC advertisers have been using sitelinks to repeatedly send people to the same page, but this is now being outlawed by Google as they tighten the rules around sitelinks.PPC sitelinks

Although sitelinks has been around for some time it is now being more strictly enforced, so that advertisers have to direct users to a variety of different pages on a website.

This is because Google believes it creates a negative user experience to send users to duplicate pages. In the future all sitelinks will have to point to unique pages.

This will be important to get right because Google will stop any ads that don’t follow this rule from appearing in results. Ultimately this could have an effect on website click through rate and conversions.

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Published on 13/11/2012

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