Getting the Most from PPC Reports


There are lots of types of PPC reporting out there and sometimes it can be confusing. So which is the best way of reporting for your business in order to make the most of PPC?

The best way to determine this is to try different types of reporting. Goggle Dimensions has plenty of good reporting functions that are useful when generating PPC reports.

The tab for Google Dimensions is in AdWords. This analysis tool helps separate PPC data into segments that are easy to understand. There are several areas that these reports can be split into within Google Dimensions.

For Instance Time Reporting is a good way to analyse your PPC data. Understanding how users respond to your website according to the time of day or week can be useful.

The Dimensions Time Report can drill down data by hour, day, week, month, quarter or year. By analysing this data you can increase or exclude spend at the times when most people are clicking.

You can also analyse how your PPC is working by understanding the conversion rate by page quality. Analysing Destination URLS allows you to determine which pages give the most conversions and which are losing you potential customers.

Filtering reports by search terms is another great way to analyse your PPC. You can use this to determine which keywords are driving clicks and costs. It can also be a great way to uncover negative keywords, helping to reduce the amount of negative clicks that are coming to your site.

So there are many ways to analyse your PPC data in AdWords. Using the Google Dimensions tab will allow you to separate data into useful sections so that you can improve your PPC advertising accuracy.

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