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PPC Managers from Cornish WebServices provide advice for both companies and marketing agencies and also participate in master class panels.

In Asia.BrandRepublic.com Digital Media magazine (Dec / Jan 2008),  Dr Rachel Cornish contributed to the master class article on ‘clicks that count’.

Paid search is an established marketing channel, but making every click count remains an elusive goal for most marketers. Our panel of search experts suggests ditching generic and usually pricey keywords and thinking conversion, not just clicks, to better optimise dollars going on search.

Speed of response

 Rachel Cornish of Cornish Web Services says:

"the speed with which PPC can be launched and adjusted —within 10 minutesin the case of Google AdWords, longer with Yahoo Search —means that if you get inundated with business, you can step off the gas. “PPC can be turned off or reduced quickly if the numbers of orders and inquiriesreceived is too high. We have frequentlydone this for some of our clients.”

Think conversion say several panel experts.

“Think ‘conversion’ not clicks,” says Temple. “There’s a big danger in only measuring click-through rates. If the click rate is high your ad must be working, right? Wrong. Users may be clicking on and then clicking back if they don’t like what they see. Besides your click-through rate, measure some sort of conversion. It could be a white paper download, newslettersign-up or an actual sale. Measure, measure, measure.”

Cornish says cost per click is of almost no relevance to final ROI. “A high number of low-cost clicks which have a low percentageof visitors making a purchase will be worth the same as a small number of highly targeted visitors, many of whom make a purchase,” she notes. What might be called “useful clicks” aren’t always an immediate sale, and can be weighted accordingly when measuring effectiveness. Repeat purchases that come from a click-through could count for more; signing up for more information a little less. “Different values can be placed on each of these actions, and one campaign may measure different types of conversion oruseful visitor,” Cornish says.

More information can be obtained in the complete PPC master class on the Strategy Internet Marketing website.

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