Paid For PPC Bid Management Tools - Are They Worth It?

If you have a PPC account you can help to optimise it by using paid search bid management tools. There are many of these paid for tools out there but are they actually worth it?

Many PPC managers are lured by search management tools because they are promised certain things in case studies and publicity surrounding the bid management tool they are interested in.

PPC tools

Often these tools don’t live up to their promises however, certainly in the first few weeks of use. Many companies find it is a steep learning curve when first using a bid management tool. Configuration with a PPC account can take 3-6 months to get going.

Certain things that can be done with the free AdWords Editor or AdCentre Desktop PPC management tools can actually take significantly longer with a paid for bid management tool.

Often people who are unsure about implementing bid management tools actually decide to get the implementation of these bid rules done by a consultant PPC manager, which then costs them even more money.

This can be very costly in the long term and the best thing to do may be to get a PPC expert to manage your  account using the regular AdWords Editor. A highly trained PPC manager will know how to get the most from the account without the need for expensive add on bid management tools.

Cornish WebServices are PPC management experts. We know how to manage paid search advertising so that our clients get the most from their campaigns, without using expensive adds on like paid bid management tools. For more information on how we can make standard PPC management work for you then contact us today.  

Published on 27/11/2012

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