What Makes a Great PPC Sales Ad?


For a lot of internet marketers the big question is how to get people to engage with your sales ads.

There are several clever ways to word your PPC ads that may encourage people to click on them and convert into customers.

When running a promotion, it is good to create time specific ads. You can do this by either mentioning the time period in the headline (currently ‘Summer Sale’) or giving an expiry date within the description section of the ad.

For more on this read PPC Hero:

In my experience with PPC, I’ve always had great performance outcomes from running sales ads. They typically outperformed generic product or DKI ads, but I had never tested different elements within sales ads themselves. When one of my clients was running a Spring sale, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to dig deeper and find out what makes a great sales ad.

Written by Bethany Bey, 7th July 2011.


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