Knowing When to Pause PPC Keywords


Not every keyword you choose in your Google AdWords campaign will be effective.

At least with Google Analytics you can analyse which keywords are working for you. Those that are not can be easily paused or shut down.

Two pitfalls are keywords that spend money but don’t convert and keywords that spend money, don’t convert and have low quality scores.

For an explanation of when and how to pause keywords read the wordstream blog:

Sadly, not every keyword you attempt to target in your AdWords accounts will work. The good news is, because PPC offers a fountain of immediate feedback in the way of data points, it’s possible to identify poor choices in your initial targeting and take swift action.

In this post, we’ll walk through the two major examples of keywords you’d be better off pausing, as well as some potential pitfalls to consider in thinking about actually shutting down these keywords.

Posted by Tom Demers, 13th October 2011.


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