Making the Most of Mobile Paid Search


As the use of mobile phones increases, people are using their Smartphones more to search various products that they are looking for on the internet. The advantage of shopping on mobiles is that it can be done on the go, anytime and anywhere.

People use their phones to search and compare products and are increasingly buying things on their Smartphones. With this in mind it makes sense to make the most of paid search advertising on mobile phones.

Mobile searching is happening across consumer product sectors on the internet, for instance it is estimated that 20% of shopping sales over the Christmas season will now be done on mobiles. Optimising paid search campaigns for Smartphones is therefore now increasingly paid search

Mobile advertising should be based on historical AdWords data from previous PPC campaigns for computer based searches. However there are some things you can do to make the ads specific to mobiles.

If a website is getting a lot of traffic via mobiles then it makes sense to launch a separate targeted campaign with ads optimised for people viewing via Smartphones.

When thinking about the content of your mobile paid search ads you can do certain things like using mobile friendly keywords and ad text. More relevant search terms and content to attract the busy mobile user are essential.

The format of a Smartphone also needs to be taken into account. With the screen being much smaller than a computer, only a certain amount of ads will show on the screen at a time. Two PPC adverts show in the top search results which means ads need to be optimised with this in mind.

So these are some things to think about when creating PPC ads aimed at mobile phone users. Pay-per-click advertising on mobile phones is still in its infancy but is rapidly growing, so those that get ahead of the game and make sure their ads are suitable for Smartphones will make the most of potential increases in mobile traffic.

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