Mobile Display Ads In AdWords


Google is now making the management of mobile display ads more readily available in AdWords. Google’s acquisition of mobile ad network AdMob, whose ads appear in 300,000 mobile phone apps, has resulted in these ads now being controllable in AdWords.  

This integration makes it simpler to create and spend money on these mobile ads because they can now be purchased and organised in the same place as other PPC advertising.

Up to now advertisers have not concentrated their efforts on mobile phone users. By not reaching mobile users they were wasting an opportunity because smart phone usage has rapidly increased in the last year or so.

This means smart phone users are ideal targets for PPC advertising because they are now spending a lot of time browsing the internet on their mobile phones.

Now, with the integration of the AdMob mobile network into AdWords, creating mobile ads is easier and they can be organised in the same place as other paid online advertising efforts.

The fact that these ads need to display well on the smart phone format needs to be taken into account. This new level of control in AdWords makes it easy to tailor mobile ads to the right audience and correlate the results with regular online advertising campaigns for websites.

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