Microsoft adCentre Extends its Reach


It has recently been announced that Microsoft adCentre is now fully compatible with the web browsers Chrome and Safari, on both PC and Mac.

This marks a step in Microsoft’s development of its PPC advertising and analysis product. Microsoft now own major search engines Yahoo and Bing, so if they are going to rival the likes of Google they need to offer an up to date internet advertising service.

The fact that Microsoft adCentre now works fully on Chrome and Safari means that Bing and Yahoo ads and searches can now be fully controlled and analysed on these web browsers.

This is great news for pay-per-click advertising because it means that Google AdWords does not have to dominate paid online advertising. Microsoft now present a legitimate alternative with its adCentre product because it now works on all the most popular browsers.

Cornish WebServices provide PPC management for a whole variety of clients. We ensure we are up to date with the latest internet advertising news like this, so that we can pass the knowledge onto our clients.

We also make sure we use the latest online advertising techniques in order to ensure good PPC performance for our clients. For more information on paid search management read our PPC info page.

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