No More Free Clicks on Google Product Search


Google is making a major change to its ecommerce product search facility. Internet retailers will soon be saying goodbye to free listings on Google Product Search comparison shopping.

This online advertising change, that is being implemented over the summer, also means that users will no longer be able to click for free on Google Product Search listings.

Therefore retailers will no longer place their product ads in the listings, but will instead bid to place products in the search results. This new idea is called Google Shopping.

Google’s reasons for this change include providing shoppers with more information about prices and discounts, as well as giving retailers more control over where their ads appear.

It is aimed at allowing businesses of all sizes to compete to sell their products effectively. It works by allowing merchants to decide on the amount they will pay if their product is listed in search results, attract clicks or ultimately results in sales.

This marks a major change for the ecommerce market but is effectively meant to benefit online retailers and improve user experience. Google claims ‘it ultimately creates less competitive noise and more overall volume for retailers — at a price.’

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