Now you can 'Learn with Google'


Google have come up with a new way to help businesses get familiar with their complete range of Google products.

Learn with Google, a new educational site from the search and internet marketing giant, explains all of their services such as Google Apps, AdWords, Places and Analytics.

This will help businesses understand the range of Google products and so enable them to grow and be more productive using these tools.

For more information read the Google blog:

School is back in session and here at Google, we’ve been looking for ways to help you learn how to grow your business online. Many of you have been looking for one central place to go to get smart about online tools and strategies, and we hear you.

That’s why we’re pleased to introduce Learn with Google, a new educational site designed to be a one-stop shop for businesses to learn about Google products and services.

Posted 18th August 2011.


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