Google AdWords Professional exam success


Google AdWords Professionals

The Google AdWords Exam gets tougher each year, but that has not stopped Cornish WebServices employee, James, from gaining a high scoring 93% in the online exam that is part of the requirement to become a Google AdWords Professional. This is the second time James has taken the exam which requires resitting every two years.

AdWords is a very clever marketing system that enables a company to advertise just when people are searching on their products and only pay when someone actually clicks via the ad onto the website. Google have developed the AdWords system interface to such an extent that most people do not fully appreciate all the functionality and analysis available. Used properly it is possible to create highly targeted optimised ads which deliver relevant visitors to your website and generate sales or leads at lowest cost.

Cornish WebServices estimate the difference between poorly setup campaigns and well managed campaigns to give variations in sales costs of between 40% and over 100%. Currently, in 2008, Cornish WebServices have a minimum target of 40% improvement for all new non optimised accounts and often exceed this target by a large margin.

Any company looking for advice on PPC management should always seek a company that is a Google AdWords company (meaning they have at least two AdWords qualified employees) and check that the account manager has actually already passed the AdWords exam, and is not currently studying for it.

Within Cornish WebServices 5 employees have passed the exam and client PPC accounts are discussed regularly at team meetings enabling continuous management when one member of staff is away.

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