Google+ to Contain B2B Social Ads?


Google+ is a social networking site that is in its infancy and currently does not contain advertising of any kind, unlike rivals Facebook and Twitter.

This may all be set to change however with the news that adverts may now appear that are based upon social activities on Google+.

The online marketing newshounds have deciphered this through a recent job ad that was posted for a ‘product marketing manager’ for social ads launch marketing.

It seems that this advertising will be mainly aimed at businesses, many of which are struggling with conventional sales models and are increasingly turning to social tools to advertise their services.

This advertising may work via those who have the job of purchasing professionally giving plus ones to particular brands on Google+, therefore recommending or advertising them to others who make business purchasing decisions.

The ads may look similar to those on Facebook, that highlight brands with a certain number of followers. It is unclear yet whether the ads will be solely on the Google+ platform or across the web.

So social networkers will have to wait and see what will happen re Google+ ads. At Cornish WebServices we keep up to date with all the latest news and developments in the world of social media.

We manage Google+ pages for our clients and advise them on the latest developments. If you would like us to help you with your social media marketing then contact us today.

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