Google to Offer Ad Blocking


Google is now about to offer a level of control over online ads that has been available through third party browser extensions for years, the choice to block or hide display network ads.

Users will be able to minimise ads by clicking an 'x' in the top right hand corner of the ad. Google says these ads will be 'muted' rather than blocked, but it is not yet clear exactly what this means. Perhaps this new terminology will worry advertisers less.

Google’s ‘mute this ad’ will also work on remarketed ads. Currently advertisers can target visitors based on cookies from previously visited websites. Users will be able to mute ads delivered via this type of remarketing, meaning that they can hide ads that follow them from website to website.

Google Product Manager Michael Aiello says this latest move is an “early step in the right direction of giving users control over ads, while helping marketers and websites deliver ads that perform better”.

This new user control functionality from Google is also likely to mean that users will resort to ad blockers less and allow Google to be part of controlling which ads they see. Good for the user, but also great for Google.

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