Succeed with Display Network Advertising


Display advertising is different from PPC, as you don’t have people to target who are searching on relevant AdWords.

However Display Advertising can be good for strengthening a brand and can contribute to higher conversion rates. It can also work across many channels and you can get results via various search engines, not just Google.

For more tips on Display Network strategy read PPC Hero:

It’s important to understand that display is an entirely different monster than search. You aren’t going to have the same intent connection when serving display ads as you will when serving ads through search. The potential impression wasn’t a result of someone directly telling you what they are looking for. Because of this, you should start your display strategy by thinking through exactly what you intend to get from using display.

Posted by Rob Boyd, 29th September 2011.


PPC advertising is a great way to target specific customers and Cornish WebServices recommends it as the most effective way of advertising online. More traditional forms of advertising like Display should not be discounted however and they can work alongside an AdWords campaign. For advice re online advertising read our PPC section.

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