How to Reduce CPL Whilst Increasing Spend


When managing PPC, reducing cost per lead (CPL) enables managers to reduce spend. This is achieved by keeping the best performing keywords and pausing the poor performers.

However this isn’t always necessarily a good thing. If you have a budget for PPC and need to spend a certain amount per month, then you may want to maintain a low cost per lead whilst increasing spend.

Many clients increase PPC budgets in order to try and boost traffic to their website, but they also still want to see good performing keywords.

One way for PPC managers to do this is to expand the keywords or keyword areas that are working and reduce ones that are not.

Another way for PPC managers to balance increased spend with keyword efficiency is to alternate boosting budget with reducing CPL, focussing on one area each week.

This works particularly well if you only have a few weeks to increase your PPC budget and simultaneously reduce your CPL.

Cornish WebServices can offer experienced advice on PPC and how to make the most of campaigns by balancing spend and efficiency. For more information read our PPC pages or contact us for a pay per click quote.

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