Adding Sitelinks to Google Ads


You can now increase your Google Ads performance by adding sitelinks within your Google AdWords campaign.

Google explains, "the sitelinks ad extension lets you show links to pages from your website, in addition to the main landing page, beneath the text of your ads. Sitelinks appear in ads at the top and bottom of Google search results.

You can activate sitelinks – creating up to ten – within your campaign's settings. Sitelinks can be activated from the AdWords Opportunities Lab. From the Ad extensionstab in your AdWords account you can then edit your link text, URLs and see how ads that contain sitelinks perform."

Google highlight when you are ready to use sitelinks by prompting you in the Opportunities Lab when your site is performing well enough to benefit from them. You’ll also get a personalised estimate of the impact on clicks and cost if sitelinks were implemented, before you add them, based upon your last week’s campaign status.

This way you can see if sitelinks are right for you before trying them. Sitelinks are another new feature that Google has added in order to make their AdWords pay-per-click advertising more targeted and beneficial for the user.

Cornish WebServices can advise on using AdWords or PPC advertising and how it can benefit the marketing of your business on the internet.

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