How Adwords Can Affect Your Inbox


Have you ever noticed that if you log into a Gmail account, adverts pop up at the side that seem to magically relate to your interests.

Gmail get their revenue (and so keep these email accounts a free service) by allowing adverts to show whilst you email. For PPC marketers these type of email accounts are another avenue through which to deliver a clients message.

The way Gmail performs this customised advertising is through picking up keywords from your emails. In terms of privacy, Google states that no email content is ever shared with advertisers and that scanners (not people) read your emails to generate these ads.

These adverts are good news for paid search marketers trying to get their clients message in front of the right people but it can also mean that people receive non relevant adverts. For instance if they are forwarded an email from a friend who works in a bank, bank adverts may suddenly appear!

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The next time you read emails in your Gmail account, take a look at the advertisements on the side bar.  Do they have anything to do with what you are talking about in your email?  Chance are, they do.

Gmail continues to be a free service because they allow advertisements to show while you read your email.  For Paid Search Marketers, Gmail is yet another outlet for a client’s message to be delivered.  Think of your email content as phrases that are automatically typed into the search query box on the Google home page.


In terms of PPC management, this is great news because it is another way for internet marketers to get their clients message across to the right audience. The ads are also reported in Goggle Analytics so count as real paid search results.

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