Significant AdWords Changes of 2012

AdWords is continually evolving and Google makes many changes each year to their paid online advertising model.

2012 saw Google significantly increase revenue capabilities from AdWords. The monetisation of paid ads was stepped up at the expense of unpaid listings.

Some of these changes to elevate PPC over SEO included Enhanced Sitelinks, Mobile App Extensions and AdWords for Video.

PPC AdWords


Enhanced Sitelinks has now started to make AdWords a competitor to organic listings. It creates a block of five ads in the top results location, pushing organic results lower down the page and thereby increasing the importance of paid ads.

Google has also looked at mobile as an increasingly popular platform for paid advertising. Mobile App Extensions helps online advertisers promote their apps for download. Using Mobile App Extensions gives advertisers the option to add a link to their app, which appears underneath the main paid ad.

Google has also begun looking at video as an online advertising revenue stream. They have created AdWords for Video, which simplifies the buying of video ads on YouTube and the Google display network.

Monitoring of these video ads - including targeting, measurement and reporting – is integrated into AdWords to make the process of paid advertising for video easier with Google.

So Google have made some significant changes to AdWords in 2012. They are continually evolving their PPC advertising model in order to adapt to the changes in user browsing habits and to ultimately generate more return from their AdWords model.

Cornish WebServices keep up to date with all the developments in the world of PPC advertising. We do this in order to pass on the benefits to our paid search clients and ensure that our professional PPC management is the best it can be.

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Published on 13/12/2012

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