Get Your Ad Rank Right


There are several things that can affect the ranking of an ad on Google, including bid changes and quality score.

PPC Managers need to take these factors into account, as good Ad Rank means you are seen at the top of the search engines.

Top ranking ads also mean Google are more generous in terms of future ad position, costings and traffic.

For more on ad ranking read Certified Knowledge:

Well, remember how Google ranks ads on search results… Using a mesure called Ad Rank.

Ads with high Ad Rank take high positions while ads with lower Ad rank sink at the bottom.

Posted by Chris Thunder, 30th November 2011.


Paid search advertising needs to be carefully monitored and measured to ensure it is performing well. There are subtle changes that can be made to elevate ad rank and therefore increase traffic to your site.

Cornish WebServices can advise on PPC strategy and manage your AdWords account to ensure high ranking ads.

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