Website trends for start of December 2010


With the cold snap starting and Christmas approaching, which websites are seeing fantastic increases in visitor numbers and which noticing falls?

Biggest increases in the last few weeks are for a community rail website and a wedding website, which are seeing 2-3 fold increases in visitor numbers. The community rail website data partly relates to a new website being launched for the Sussex Community Rail Partnership and as this becomes more visible in the search engines visitor numbers rise. But it is also a result of increase searches on rail travel in the bad weather.

The wedding one is unusual at this time of year and has nothing to do with the un-seasonally cold weather. This is a result of the William-Kate engagement and wedding websites are currently enjoying a growth in visitor numbers as weddings become a hot topic for news stories.

So what are the big losers recently? Search volumes in many tourism markets are down and B2B searches are un-seasonally low. But the impact on the website traffic will depend on the level of ongoing SEO work and any AdWords spend or email marketing campaigns. Some websites are seeing between 5-15% decrease in traffic compared to last month, although a comparison with the previous year almost always shows a significant increase in visitors. The economy may be worse, but people still search extensively on the Internet and you can get traffic if your website is visible.

This is not a scientific study, and the numbers here are purely based on data from the websites of our web marketing clients and the data will be heavily biased by ongoing search engine  optimisation work we are undertaking. It is based on data for over one million web visitors per month.

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