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Hotmail is having a rebrand, the cloud-based email service is changing to be called Microsoft want to reimagine the way people look at email and make it more social. offers a cleaner look with integration to social sites like Facebook and Twitter. The new email service is also less obtrusive for the user because it contains text box adverts. These only expand to a full advert when the user scrolls over them.

The new service has proved very popular already and Microsoft have had over 1 million users already sign up to use it. It has a look and feel very similar to the new Windows 8 operating system.

Although the email service looks different from Hotmail it still has the same basic layout so that current Hotmail users won’t find the change too much of a leap.

A big factor in its functionality is the ability for emails to be read easily on Smartphones and Tablets. Because so many people read their email on the go these days, Microsoft wanted to ensure that their users were able to view them on portable devices. has some great new social features too, for instance when you open an email from a friend they will get access to the friends most recent social updates. Users can also replace ad boxes with an instant message window.

So over the next few weeks Microsoft will be rolling out their email service. This will take online communication to the next level, reinventing the way people think about and use their emails.

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