Google to Rival Microsoft Windows with Chrome Operating System


Google recently previewed its Chrome operating system that operates on their new ‘Chromebook’ laptops.

The software is based largely on Google’s Chrome Web Browser.  The laptops will go on sale next month in a bid to challenge the dominance of the Windows operating system.

Google will make money from the operating system by selling monthly subscriptions, which include the software ready laptops and customer support, to corporate customers and large organizations.

Read Wall Street Journal for more on this story:

Google Inc. previewed the first laptops running the company's Chrome operating system, machines that will go on sale next month as part of the Internet giant's challenge to Microsoft Corp.'s Windows franchise.

The computers, unveiled at a Google conference for software developers in San Francisco, are dubbed "Chromebooks" and use operating-system software that is based largely on Google's Chrome Web browser.

Written by Amir Efrati and Ian Sherr, 11th May 2011.

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