Cookie Law Update May 2012


Revised Cookie Law update for May 26th 2012

We have been advising a 'get prepared' and  'wait and see' policy on this. Best practise recommendations appear to be changing very fast and the BBC have just changed their cookie implementation within a day or so of the deadline.

As a result of this change we are adapating the wording on our Cookies page.

The new Cookie Law can be enforced by the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) from 26th May 2012.

The ICO have made it clear on their website that they will use common sense when dealing with Cookie Law and companies need to enure they have taken sufficient steps to meet this law.

Our recommendations

Our recommendations for most websites are:

  • Add a page called Cookies which explains the use of Cookies on your website.
  • The above includes a 'Cookie Audit' of all cookies used on the website
  • Of course ensure your website has a privacy page (already a requirement)

For most of our websites the cookies are simply the Google Analytics cookies and a session cookie. For e commerce or registration sites there may be additional required cookies.

For any website that uses cookies for advertising we recommend a popup solution similar to the BBC with easy to opt out options.

What the law states

The letter of the law states an opt in policy for any cookie. This would result in poor user experience and not fulfil the aim of the law.

Some websites have a popup opt in policy. This meets the law in letter but does not necessary fulfil the aim of the law.

The BBC have implemented (on 25th May) and opt out policy. You are warned just once about opting out.

Previously they had a Cookies page with Cookie audit

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