Cookie Law Update 3


Cookie Law update for May 26th 2012

The countdown is on to the date that the new Cookie Law will be enforced, by the Information Commissioners Office (ICO).

Last year we took action ensuring all client sites would be able to comply with this law. The aim of the law is to protect people from over intrusive advertising cookies, but the implementation actually impacts useful shopping cart cookies. The ICO have made it clear that they will be using common sense when dealing with Cookie Law.

Many different intrusive solutions have been developed to deal with this law, but all adversely impact visitor tracking and analysis of your marketing efforts. We have therefore advised a 'wait and see' policy' for actual implementation. This is has proved sensible and recent comments by the ICO agree with this policy.

Our recommendations

Our recommendations for most websites are:

  • Add a page called Cookies which explains the use of Cookies on your website.
  • The above includes a 'Cookie Audit' of all cookies used on the website
  • Of course ensure your website has a privacy page (already a requirement)

For most of our websites the cookies are simply the Google Analytics cookies and a session cookie.

For e commerce or registration sites there may be additional cookies.


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