Could Not Listening to Employees Limit UK Businesses Success


In the current economic climate sadly many UK businesses seem to feel that listening to their employees is not a top priority yet this mind set could be holding them back from the success they seek.

Surprisingly your employees concerns are not all about pay and benefits they are more likely to be genuinely concerned about your business and have a valuable contribution to make.

Employees need to be given more opportunities to share their concerns with bosses, according to a new survey frobe m Shine Feedback. Staff surveyed said their bosses did not engage with them on a regular basis, and didn’t spend enough time listening to and understanding their needs.

The survey also invited staff in the UK to rank how important they felt specific behaviours were to a manager’s effectiveness and whether or not their boss demonstrated these traits.

Over two-thirds of employees said their manager’s strengths were delivering tasks and understanding business challenges. However, over half of the 11,000 employees asked claimed their managers were ineffective at listening and understanding the needs of others.

This further supports the Government’s recent report, commissioned by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, which highlighted the importance of connecting with staff on a regular basis.

The author David MacLeod warned that engagement levels across UK organisations are seriously low, and that companies unwilling to address staff communication could suffer financially.

Some might argue that bosses should focus on leading their businesses, to make sure staff actually have a job after the end of the recession, however, employees are often just as busy and hard working as their bosses.

Surely if your employees can find the time to engage with you then you can spare a little time to listen, plus you might learn something to your business advantage and improve your business success to boot.

Employee engagement

If finding the time to engage with your employees is a real problem why not use an independent business consultant to survey your employees.

Hedley Basford management consultants have expert understanding of how to developed questionnaires and methodologies for conducting employee surveys.

Our research has shown us that responses are generally more forthcoming and frank when conducted by an independent, external consultant who can preserve employee anonymity.

For more information including a free half hour consultation contact us today.

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