What is Supply Chain Modelling


Supply Chain Model Examples

The supply chain operations reference model is one of the many supply chain models. It deals with both the upstream and downstream sides. The Supply Chain Operations Reference model helpfully measures total supply chain performance. It is a reference model for supply-chain management, which covers the supplier's supplier right through to the customer's customer. It includes delivery and order fulfilment performance, production flexibility, warranty and returns processing costs, inventory and asset turns, and other factors in evaluating the overall effective performance of a supply chain.

Other supply chain models

The Global Supply Chain Forum introduced another Supply Chain Model which is built on eight key business processes. These business processes are both cross-functional and cross-firm in nature. Each process is managed by a team who run across a multiple of functions, including logistics, production, purchasing, finance, marketing and research and development. While each process interfaces with key customers and suppliers, the customer relationship management and supplier relationship management processes form the main links in the supply chain.

Another supply chain model is the Process Classification Framework. This supply chain model is a high-level, industry-neutral enterprise process model that allows organizations to see their business processes from a cross-industry viewpoint. The Process Classification Framework was developed as an open standard to facilitate improvement through process management and benchmarking, regardless of industry, size, or geography.

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