Companies specializing in Logistics Consulting

The best examples of fourth-party logistics providers are "non-asset based" consulting firms that specialize in logistics and all aspects of logistics consulting. British companies might include Gideon Hillman Consulting which offer complete ranges of services, from strategy to implementation.

Other more general logistics consulting firms are usually well known accounting firms.

Other Companies dealing with Logistics Consulting

Other firms dealing in logistics consulting as well as other things are considered to be strategy firms however they often term themselves as fourth party logistics providers,  advisors, or consultants. These companies might include:

  1. freight carriers who tell their customers they will advise them on the best possible solution and a time delivery expectation based on their knowledge of other factors within their business.
  2. warehouse operators and logistics platform operators,
  3. A fourth party logistics consultant is a consultant, and cannot be an operator. This is of the utmost importance to respect the principle of neutrality.

Third Party Logistics Providers are not Logistics Consultants

However a third party logistics provider is in actual fact an operator. They specialize in integrated operation, warehousing and transportation services. These services may be completely outsourced and in this instance are called non asset based third party logistics consultant providers. Third party logistics consultant providers  can also offer genuine supply chain consulting services outside of their usual range of services.

It is important to understand the difference between third party logistics providers  which actually deliver supply chain consulting services outside of their usual range of integrated operations, from third party logistics providers which use the term consulting or fourth party logistics providers under false pretences.

Published on 14/01/2011

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