Sales and Operation Planning


Sales and operation planning or S&OP is a method of consolidating several business objectives into one integrated business plan.

By enabling better forward planning, using one set of metrics, S&OP brings benefits to all areas of a business from sales through to manufacturing.

The processes involved in sales and operation planning are aimed at streamlining the supply chain. This type of business planning enables reconciliation of supply and demand, allowing logistics requirements to be planned into the long-term.

S&OP can cover all areas of a business; including sales, procurement, supply chain and manufacturing. The consolidated business plans supplied provide better linking up of business areas, improved transparency and cost savings.

Total Logistics are expert providers of sales and operation planning. They can implement strategy that offers companies the chance to consolidate all their business objectives into one organised and time saving plan.

Total Logistics have worked with many leading companies to implement these type of business plans. For more information on S&OP and how it could work for you browse the Total Logistics website today.

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