Logistics Consultants


Logistics consultants are often referred to as supply chain consultants. They have a particular set of honed skills and expertise that companies struggling with an unhealthy bottom line often bring in to try to make a direct impact on their profit and loss.

Logistics Consultants are usually comfortable with any kind of logistics analysis and management. Whether it be fright in the form of road, rail or sea, or general warehousing and distribution, their skill set usually means that they can easily sport where extra fat can be trimmed off and where a more cost effective logistics solution is available.

Logistics consultants who specialise in warehousing are able to identify the differing cost bases that might apply to the same product over different times of year. An umbrella bought in July is probably going to have a higher cost base than one  that is bought in December for example. Bought in the winter months the product will be bought and quickly leave the warehouse, whereas over the summer months it may languish in the warehouse, costing daily insurance and taking up valuable space. Logistics Consultants are adept at identifying this and often actually advise that it is cheaper for companies to destroy existing product lines than to let them sit and waste money doing nothing on their warehouse shelves.

Logistics Consultants are also highly skilled in identifying long distance freight options at the most cost effective price. This often invoices not just the raw cost of the transportation itself but the cost of moving the raw product to its destination point and the length of time the freight takes to get to its destination

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