Simplifying Sales and Operation Planning


Sales and operation planning (also known as S&OP) is a cohesive business plan that helps reduce overheads and optimise production costs for manufacturers.

S&OP is implemented at the early stages of the business planning process, to create precise production and sales forecasts.

Forward planning results in flexible and reliable projections and outcomes. This is particularly important in tough economic times as reducing costs in all areas of logistics becomes increasingly important.

Anticipating future demand for product and adjusting production and sales accordingly is key to this type of business planning.

This involves identifying market and production trends as well as reacting appropriately to changing supply chain and market conditions.

Short and long-term planning can be carried out with S&OP. Gideon Hillman are expert sales and operation planning consultants who can implement such business plans for their clients.

Their S&OP process ensures sufficient logistics and manufacturing resources in order to deliver a company’s products efficiently over 12 to 18 month periods.

Gideon Hillman use a four step sales and operation planning method that ensures increased production, reduced costs and better sales for all types of manufacturing companies.

To find out more about Gideon Hillman’s comprehensive S&OP services visit their website today.

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