Logistical Support for Charities


Large charities often need to handle many calls and send out a lot of promotional information including marketing leaflets and magazines.

Sometimes they are unable to resource the handling of these processes in house so they turn to outsourced support. Charities marketing is a big business sector in the UK and there are several companies that offer this service as a complete outsourced logistics solution.

Charity management of this kind is often performed by large logistics companies including call centres and mailing houses. They take incoming calls concerning things like charity donation, carry out marketing calls and handle the printing and mailing of all marketing materials.

Charity call centres work like any other call centres and are manned by trained staff that can manage and facilitate all calls. Charity mailing houses can handle bulk mail outs and marketing campaigns quickly and efficiently.

These expert charity services can take the onus of certain tasks away from the charity to enable them to spend more time on key fundraising areas.

Orbital Charity Dynamics is a charity marketing organisation that provides effective communication, logistics and promotional solutions to all kinds of charities. Key support they offer includes call handling, donation management and mail order services.

For more information on Orbital Charity Dynamics range of promotional and logistical services for charities visit their website.

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