YouTube Changes its Algorithm


YouTube changes its Algorithm to include “Time Watched”

 The rankings of videos are being adjusted by YouTube to reward engaging videos that keep viewers watching, this means that “watch time” has replaced “view count” in the algorithm. YouTube viewers watch a lot of videos, on the last count there was over 4 billion hours watched in a month. YouTube has become an important media tool in many people’s lives. Recently YouTube have made changes to encourage people to spend more time interacting, sharing and watching. In support of this they have updated what they call “video discovery features” this means how the views find videos to watch via search and suggested videos. The changes that have been made reflect viewers that actually watch, over ones that just click on the video then abandon.

 You might ask why YouTube have decided to make this change? The previously designed to drive views which rewarded videos that were successful at attracting clicks and not videos that engage viewers. Now YouTube focus on the videos that increase the amount of time spent, when viewers watch more YouTube this signals that they are happier with the content they found. YouTube found that viewers spend less time clicking and more watching.

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The changes for video marketers

If your videos aims to drive more viewing time then your channel will benefit however if your videos only focus on attracting clicks then this could mean you could drop in the rankings.

To be successful you must make videos that viewers want to watch. If you think that by shortening your video this will help, unfortunately not. YouTube is optimizing for how a video contributes to a longer viewing session on YouTube.

The main recommendation is to make great, fun and engaging videos that your audience will share and love. Stay away from questionable optimization strategies!

YouTube have added to their YouTube Analytics a new feature called “time watched reporting” this provides video marketers with more tools to evaluate the performance of their video and channel. By watching this regularly you can use the data to get a better understanding of what your audience wants. A more engaged audience means more ad revenue this is what YouTube’s focus on watch time is all about.  

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