Ecommerce Revenue Up for Walls and Floors


Over the last few months there has been a significant increase in ecommerce revenue for Walls and Floors, the leading online tiling retailer.

Revenue from the website increased by 35% from June to October. The sales of tiles have gone up because there has also been a 37% increase in visitor numbers over the same period.

This significant increase in website revenue and traffic is in part due to a focused SEO and PPC campaign from Cornish WebServices.

PPC has brought in targeted visitors to the Walls and Floors website, analytics reveal a 3% pay per click conversion rate with nearly 4% clickthrough rate.

In short ecommerce revenue has continued to rise every month since May of this year, an impressive result for the online tile shop.

Cornish WebServices can help you to gain more relevant traffic to your ecommerce site and ultimately increase revenue. Browse our ecommerce marketing help page to find out more.

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