Google Changes Search Algorithms


Google Inc has lowered the search ranking of websites that they believe contain low quality content or are excessively keyword heavy.

Some articles based information websites such as Ezine Articles could see their visitors halved and they are now making moves to improve rankings by reducing advertisements and adjusting keyword limits. However, perhaps this move by Google labels such sites as "content farms" when they already have strict rules on content and aim to publish informative articles.

A recent article in Wall Street Journal reveals more:

Google Inc.'s move last week to lower the search rankings of websites that the company said offer little useful information appears to be having a dramatic impact, according to firms that study search-engine data.

Many websites that previously ranked highly in searches for certain keywords on Google dropped sharply following the change in the company's search algorithms, the firms found. Some of the sites that were hurt defended the quality of their content, arguing that they had been unfairly lumped with bad actors on the Internet.

Written by Amir Efrati, February 28 2011


Cornish WebServices have proved that good SEO content maintains excellent search results, even when algorithms change. Due to consistent, quality SEO campaigns we've seen significant improvements over the last month for our clients websites:

  • Over 50 websites we monitor for Internet Marketing have seen traffic increases of more than 2% in last month
  • Over 15 websites we monitor for Internet Marketing have seen traffic increases of more than a massive 25% in last month

This shows the importance of long term sustainable SEO, over short term link building and blogging.

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