Are You Really Adding Value?


Of late the news has been full of the current woes of the high street opposed to the buoyant increase in online sales. So is everything really so rosy in the world of online retail?

As any online retailer will tell you it’s a tough market place not only are your competitors only a click away, but being in the position of a middle man so to speak there is a risk of being frozen out of the sales process altogether with consumers going straight to manufacturers.

To succeed an online retailer needs to add real value to go beyond just being a shop window.

So what makes you stand out from the crowd and why should someone come to you over a competitor or going straight to the manufacturer?

I was recently reminded of three key areas all online retailers should master when looking to add really value.

  1. Expertise
  2. Customer Service
  3. Fast Accurate Shipping

How well do you know your products?

Customers value retailers who know their products well and can answer questions and provide detailed information and advice. It’s more than just a few product reviews it’s about having and giving detailed knowledge both online through your website content and on demand.

With the growth of blogs and social media being an expert really can make all the difference.

Are your customers happy?

Good customer service doesn’t cost the earth, but can make all the difference especially in repeat sales and recommendations. For every customer that complains there are many more who simply will look elsewhere and worse tell everyone they know to do the same.

Making sure enquiries are answered quickly and accurately is essential.

Are you delivering?

If there is one thing that can either delight or disappoint me when shopping online it’s how quickly and the condition in which my items arrive. It’s not necessarily about free delivery it’s about getting items packed correctly and dispatched quickly. Care and attention to detail really can add value not extra cost!

If you keep looking for ways to make your customers shopping experience, decision-making, and problem handling easier you'll be well on the road to being one of the success stories.

Internet Marketing

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