Multilingual Ecommerce


With the use of foreign languages increasing online, people want to be able to shop for goods in their own language.

This is where multilingual ecommerce comes in. Foreign language online shops are becoming increasingly common.

There is less competition for keywords because there is less overall content online in other languages. This is great news for internet marketers who want to optimise multilingual websites.

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For the past year, I’ve been banging on about how the future of ecommerce is multilingual and international, for three simple reasons:

  1. Foreign languages are growing rapidly online (Internet World Stats).
  2. People need information in their native language to make a purchase (Common Sense Advisory’s “Can’t Read, Won’t Buy” report).
  3. There’s less keyword competition in languages other than English, due to there being less content overall.

Posted by Christian Arno, 12th October 2011.


Cornish WebServices have a lot of experience in creating multilingual websites and online shops. We know how to tailor sites to different languages in terms of design and layout. We can adapt existing online shops to other languages, or create a multilingual ecommerce website from scratch. For more information on language websites visit our multilingual design section.

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