Internet Marketing in 2012


Now that 2012 is under way, we can begin to really look at the year ahead and predict what it may bring in terms of internet marketing trends.

As mentioned in a previous article, social media popularity is continuing to increase for businesses as well as individuals. Many businesses now have profiles or pages across a number of different social networking sites.

This means social media activity will have an increasing effect on search engine ranking and the social platforms may be further integrated into search engines.

The importance of measuring your ROI on social media will also continue to increase and social media analytics will be more widely used.

The social networks will contain more PPC advertising and paid advertising itself will become different and perhaps more viable as non search PPC increases.

Once visitors have landed on a site through internet marketing, the emphasis will be more on converting these leads into sales. Particularly as in future conversion optimisation could become more of an automated process via conversion tools.

So there are many ways that internet marketing will develop and change in 2012. In summary, social media will continue to be a big player plus analysing and making the most of your leads will be increasingly important.

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