Is There Search Marketing Value to Google +1?


Now that Google +1 has launched people are questioning whether it can compete with the Facebook Like button in terms of social search.

Some argue that because +1s don’t just pull your friends into your social experience, as the Like button does, it doesn’t offer social cues. However Google +1 has its advantages.

It has a better ‘social graph’ because many users are interacting with vast amounts of content. Whereas Facebook is a closed system, so the content created is a fraction of what is indexed by Google.

With Google +1, perhaps social search won’t merely comprise of social data woven into search results, social cues will now become a core ingredient of the search experience.


Remember the buzz about Buzz? And whatever happened to Wave? Google's product launches in the social space have been anything but smooth in recent memory.

But last week's announcement of Google +1 could very well be the end of that pattern -- provided both Google and the marketing community do their part.

Written by Paul Burani, April 7 2011.

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