Googles new movie 'The internship' trailer released


The Google Crashers?

Ever wondered how tough it would be to get a job at Google? Google employees will tell you that you need to live and breathe Google and search engines to even be considered. Maybe the new film ‘The internship,’ to be released in July 2013 in the UK, will shed some light on the matter, or not. It’s interesting to see how current and past Google employers will react about how accurately working at Google is portrayed, but for now it’s just a humorous spin on one of the world’s most well-known companies.

On Tuesday the 13th of February, the Google team met with the co-stars from films such as the Wedding Crashers Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson by Google+ hangout session. The official debut trailer of the new unofficial Google movie has been released. Although considered an unofficial Google movie, some are already coining the film as a 100 minute commercial for the search engine. The comedy features both leading actors playing the oldest of Google interns, all fighting for a prestigious job at Google.

Filming took place at Google headquarters in California over several days, giving us a glimpse of the place considered to be one of the best places to work in the world, other than Cornish Webservices! The film shows well documented perks such as Google’s driverless cars and ping pong during lunch breaks. It is reported that the chairman of Google Eric Schmidt has a cameo appearance in the film with several members of Google staff gaining parts as extras. 

Although we are not expecting to see a fully true to life selection proccess, the combination of hilarious actors will make this one a movie surely to intrigue all. Certainly, all those internet consultants will be interested to see how this film will rank! Check out the trailer for ‘The Internship.’

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