Cookie Audits


What is a cookie audit and what should it contain?

Think about real cookies and you cannot go far wrong. If you make and sell cookies (of the edible kind) then key things to know are shelf life, manufacturer and what they are.

Some cookies need eating straight away before even leaving the shop. We call these session cookies. They do not last long. Others have a long shelf life. We call these persistent cookies.

Bakery shops often sell a mixture of home baked cookies and those made elsewhere. The same with websites, these may have ‘first party’ cookies created by the website itself. But they may also use 3rd party cookies. And the biggest baker is Google. They produce Google Analytic cookies on over 50% of websites – a real cake mountain.

Cookies have different purposes; some make life enjoyable. Too many make you fat! And this is the problem. Websites with cookies give the best user experience. But too many from the advertising networks and you end up being bombarded with too many shopping offers.

Cookie Audits

Cookie Audits are currently flavour of the month due to some European legislation.

We can provide Cookie Audits  – based around cakes or websites according to preference.

For a cake based Cookie audit, see the Cornish WebServices cookie information

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Cookie Types

Session Cookie
Session Cookie
Persistent Cookie
Persistent Cookie

Session cookies only last as long as the browser is open. They are used for remembering what is in a shopping cart or form and make navigating the website better.

Persistent cookies are stored on a users device and can usefully be used to remember preferences.

First Party Cookie
First party cookies
Third party Cookie
Third party cookie

First party cookies are set by the website you are visiting. Third party cookies are set by another domain. The most common is Google Analytics.

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