The Growth of Content Curation


Many internet marketing experts are now predicting that content curation will be an important consideration in 2011 for any company with an online presence.

Put simply, content curation enables companies to speak to their audience in a meaningful way. Curating relevant content on your website can significantly boost your perceived value to your clients and potential customers; enabling you to build thought leadership, boost web traffic and meet your content marketing goals.  

A recent article on Future Social explains more:

When it comes to the internet “content is king” which is probably why the growth of information is so rapid on the web. Articles are being published faster than newspapers can be printed because everything happening in realtime.

This is where syndication feeds and feed readers can help, they streamline our consumption of information on the web by retrieving articles via an RSS feed and collecting them all in one place i.e. Google Reader.

Twitter (or indeed any other social networking site) works just as an RSS feed does, with each user being a separate ‘feed’ of information that is added to the home page as soon as that person is followed...

Written by Steve Law for Future Social.

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