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Websites online often give information about websites. Some of these are listed below.

  • About us gives information on the title, description, languages, address and related domains and this is sometimes used by SEO professionals. However the information is often out of date.
  • The Alexa ranking website will often give information about a website. This includes the famous Alexa ranking which gives a very rough indication of how popular your website is.  This gives lots of useful looking information, but users should be wary as this data is based on a skewed distribution of Internet users and can be very unreliable. Treat as interesting, but not for basing business decisions on.
  • Keyword Spy takes the Alexa data one stage further and extracts yet more marketing data. But again the reliability of this is questionable in the extreme.Similar to this is Ataraxa.
  • The website includes an image of the website and a timeline so you can see how it has changed with time. This can be useful to view the history of website. We mainly use this to prove our website had content before another website which is plagiarising copy.
  • FoxCralwer is useful for searching, and different searches give different results with Foxcrawler.
  • Local Directories can sometimes have links to websites but the info given is variable. For example the link to Cornish WebServices in the Kent Directory is very outdated in terms of the information given.

Another set of useful links include:

And the Ask Jeeves directory is another type of search with examples such as and

So the above type of website can be a useful source of information on your website.

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