Stables Manufacturers


There are many different stables on the market supplied by many different stables manufacturers.

Stables can be made in a variety of ways for a multitude of purposes. Stables might be steel framed or wooden framed, ventilated or not. They may have gate door or not – again depending on the use that the stable will have and the budget that is available.

Mobile stables are now also appearing on the market however at the moment there are not many stables manufacturers who can produce this as it is a highly skilled job. The beauty of mobile stables is of course that as livestock are moved to different areas of a large farm to graze, the stables can be moved with them, saving precious daylight hours in the winter months.

Static field shelters are an alternative to mobile stables and shelters, especially if you know  that a specific animal will always be grazed and rested on that particular area of land. Stabling for horses frequently uses this kind of option.

A typical stables manufacturer will also produce timber garages and carriage houses, all purpose mobile field shelters, American Barns, haybarns and many different sorts of internal stabling.

A good quality stables manufacturer will produce timber garages and carriage houses y=using timber frames that would also be used to construct houses. They will also be able to build to or specification as well as providing off the shelf products.

American Barns are typically very large compared to British barns. They are also very versatile and can and are used for a variety of purposes.

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